The wowTalkies App: Fandom Unleashed!

In the very short time since its launch on the public testnet, the response to the wowTalkies app has been nothing short of extraordinary. Let’s delve into some of the remarkable highlights that have defined the app’s very early journey. Download the app 1. Thriving Transactions: 2. Vibrant Communities: 3. Celebrating Creative Minds: 4. Rewarding […]

The wowTalkies Quarterly Update: A look back and a gaze ahead

The past quarter has been a period of significant growth and development for wowTalkies. We kicked off with the private beta test release on Polygon, giving early members invite-only access to the tech-led utility app. The wowTalkies app provides immersive and personalized experiences with AI, AR and deep tech on and with collectibles . These […]

Decoding the Shardeum Ecosystem: A Comprehensive Look at Our Partners

What is Shardeum Shardeum is a scalable, EVM-based layer 1 blockchain aiming to solve the infamous blockchain trilemma. Founded by the duo Omar Sid and Nistal Shetty, former NASA expert and WazirX founder. Shardeum promises to provide the highest throughput capacity of any EVM-based L1 without sacrificing on decentralization. This is attained by their state-of-the-art […]

wowTalkies is Building on Shardeum for the Ultimate Movie Fan Experience

 Introduction The wowTalkies’ proposition is to build the fan engagement platform of choice, especially for movie fans, on Web3. In that world, fans become “superfans”. Fan communities, movie studios and celebrities can contribute to the fans’ endeavor to be a superfan. wowTalkies is also building for fan engagement on mobile devices providing AR, AI and […]

wowTalkies 2022: The year that was….. And looking forward

Let’s begin by wishing everyone a wonderful New Year 2023 from the wowTalkies team! Here’s to taking web3 to new heights! Looking back, wowTalkies has had an incredible 2022! 2022 was when we decided to bring to movie fans the new era of fan engagement on web 3.0- the wowTalkies way. The web 3.0 avatar […]

wowTalkies raises investment from Tangentia Ventures

Hello everyone! We have some awesome news on Christmas and close to the beginning of the New Year! We are thrilled to announce that wowTalkies has just secured investment from Tangentia Ventures, a boutique global venture capital firm. This exciting development will give film lovers worldwide more opportunities to connect with other fans and show […]

All you need to know about wowTalkies Lakiro NFTs and their launch

Folks, we’re almost there!! The countdown for the wowTalkies Lakiro NFT launch is about to end, with only some hours to go! The thrill and hype are unmatched, with our social media channels flooded with fans’ queries and responses. Let’s take a detailed look at NFTs and their utilities. Launched on the Polygon Network with […]