The past quarter has been a period of significant growth and development for wowTalkies. We kicked off with the private beta test release on Polygon, giving early members invite-only access to the tech-led utility app. The wowTalkies app provides immersive and personalized experiences with AI, AR and deep tech on and with collectibles . These tech-led experiences include:

  1. A fan positions an AR avatar of his/her favourite celebrity from his/her favourite movie, in a surrounding of the fan’s choice and takes a selfie
  2. A fan swaps his/her face from his/her selfie to the fan’s favourite movie poster and becomes the celebrity
  3. A fan swaps his/her face from a selfie to a movie still or movie video. It is the fan who then enacts the scene vicariously
  4. A fan uses cool and iconic filters from a movie and impersonates the entertainer
  5. A fan can sport a movie set as his/her background. A fan can also superimpose himself/herself in a movie poster

The feedback and suggestions we received during the invite-only testing phase have been invaluable in helping us improve the app and the platform roadmap.

We also extended sign-ups for public beta testing to a larger audience. This beta will be on an incentivized test-net meaning, all privileges and points earned by early adopters and community members will be carried over to the mainnet when the main-net launches.We are thrilled to see the excitement for users to try out our platform. We’ve received over 500 sign-ups for our incentivised test-net and an overall waitlist of 22000+ users for our public beta app.

This quarter also resulted in many meaningful partnerships. We worked hard on the partnership forge, and the results were impressive partnerships and robust ecosystem building.

We partnered with 2 major Layer 1 chains, Shardeum and 5ire chain. 5ire is building an eco-friendly blockchain aimed towards sustainability. Shardeum on the other hand combines the power of Proof Of Stake(PoS) with Proof of Quorum for the promise of impressive throughputs, making it scalable and secure at the same time.

We also partnered with multiple great projects including, but not limited to:

  • Swapped Finance: A leading decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Shardeum,
  • PointSix: An NFT marketplace that offers low-fee trading and unique benefits for early users, including airdrops and up to 50% commission on friend referrals.
  • Xade: A hybrid solution that merges traditional finance (Trad-Fi) and decentralized finance (DeFi), aiming to provide all banking services on-chain with the user experience of a neobank.
  • Shardible: An NFT marketplace on the Shardeum blockchain, offering a platform for easy trading, bidding, and listing of NFTs, as NFTs-as-a-Service (NaaS)
  • Solus Finance: A futures exchange designed to simplify Web3 trading for novice traders.

These partnerships have allowed us to onboard members of the Shardeum and 5ire blockchain communities onto our platform, expanding our communities for mutual benefit

Community building with AMAs was a conscious effort on our part..These AMAs have been instrumental in fostering dialogue and engagement within our and our partners’ community. Some of these great conversations were:

1-Shardeum growth & builders experience with our partners on Shardeum for a really insightful discussion on the Shardeum ecosystem.

2-Challenges onboarding users into the NFT space

3-A Fireside Chat on exploring the new era of fan engagement with wowTalkies: we spread the word about revolutionizing fan engagement

We commenced community building just in the new year and have grown from strength to strength since. Our community is now 15000+ strong and growing with an emphasis on Twitter, discord and Telegram.

Undertaking campaigns was new to us. We have learnt last quarter as we ran a few campaigns, and are now able to help other communities as well. These campaigns were on Twitter and with partners such as Bandit and In fact, our wall campaign is live as we speak.
And before we forget, our early mint campaign on Shardeum was a stupendous success, the NFTs were a sell-out in 24 hours.

We are now partners with Blockon. The collaboration with BlockOn accelerates our efforts on go to market, community building, token economics and also towards investor outreach.wowTalkies is a community partner and Chennai chapter lead for Foundership HQ. Foundership HQ probably fosters the largest web3 community in the country. We organised Blockmeets a saturday every month (Blockmeet is our meet and greet event as part of the Foundership HQ charter) where Web3 aficionados , both old and new, share their perspectives on web3, crypto and blockchain

July — September: A quarter with a milestone every fortnight

The July- September quarter is choc- a-bloc. We envision that each fortnight will be busy with milestones crossed and imperatives achieved.

  • The tech-led utilities app gets a major jazzy release. The tech-led utilities app supported tech-led immersive experiences, now with this major release, we will launch the first iteration of community-led networks. Apart from the tech-led utilities, fans will now enjoy
  • Communities of their choice
  • Content creation and content engagement
  • Referrals and shares
  • Collectibles of their choice
  • Renting and lending collectibles
  • Leaderboards and Badges
  • Credentials- in an engage to earn model

We are calling it the fan community app. The Android version launches on the test net on Polygon in the first week of August, the iOS version launches a month later

  • We envision a minimum of 2 major releases of the community app this quarter, the August release included. The releases help us evaluate and iterate on the product-market fit of the features released and further embellish our fan-to-super-fan proposition
  • We will invite volunteers and community members to our brand ambassador, community ambassador and early adopter programs
  • Though we will launch on Polygon, we will make sure that users will keep their earnings etc when we migrate to the other chains
  • We are working with Shardeum Engineering and plan to launch the wowTalkies app on the Shardeum testnet by September. Launching on Shardeum is imperative for our multi-chain strategy.
  • At least one movie-themed NFT collection will launch on the NFT marketplace (for those who don’t know, the NFT marketplace is here)

We are thrilled to announce a market launch with a mobile-only OTT, the collaboration has been in the works for a while. The OTT users will enjoy immersive fan experiences with our SDK , the SDK provides the tech led AI,AR utilities that are a part of our tech led utility app, in this case they are packaged for the OTT provider to use. The launch is eagerly anticipated, and planned for mid July.

We eagerly need to enhance our intellectual, strategic and financial bandwidth. We hope to close a pre-seed round by mid-September

An engrossed, involved and active community is super crucial, especially as the new app is eagerly anticipated in early August. Apart from the ambassador programs, we will create a positive feedback loop with the help of the community. This will help in early feedback, app downloads and app usage

As part of our multi-chain strategy, do expect partnership announcements with both L1 and L2 chain projects,

wowTalkies is now part of a prestigious global web3 accelerator, details of which will be announced mid of July

As we move into the next quarter, we’re excited about the opportunities and challenges ahead. We’re committed to continuing to build and improve our platform, and we’re grateful to our community for their ongoing support and engagement. Here’s to another quarter of growth and innovation at wowTalkies!

About wowTalkies

wowTalkies is a fan engagement platform for movie fans on Web 3.0. Here fans can become SUPER FANS by going deeper with their participation and passion. Communities, studios, and celebrities can also become stakeholders in their fan’s activity zone and help them become super fans. The platform allows fans to engage with different communities and collect customizable collectables on their journey. Celebrities, production houses, and artists can also offer collectibles, curate content, and form fan communities to assist their fans and accelerate their journey toward super FANDOM.

We are building for fan engagement on web3 and mobile. We are the only project that provides AR, AI, and deep tech-led utilities on and with collectibles. We offer the ultimate movie fan experience with the flywheel of leaderboards, gamification, social, and content creation.

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Also if you want to listen to our AMA about quarterly updates by our founder, Here is the link to Twitter space.