The wowTalkies’ proposition is to build the fan engagement platform of choice, especially for movie fans, on Web3. In that world, fans become “superfans”. Fan communities, movie studios and celebrities can contribute to the fans’ endeavor to be a superfan.

wowTalkies is also building for fan engagement on mobile devices providing AR, AI and deep tech-led utilities on and with NFTs/digital collectibles. They are aiming to be the first project to offer a fan-journey, integrating leaderboards, gamification, collectibles, content creation, and communities, setting the benchmark for innovation in the industry.

Decentralization and Fan Engagement

wowTalkies long term vision is to democratize fan engagement. They are excited to build an ecosystem where fans connect/hangout with each other first before rubbing shoulders with celebrities and entertainers. wowTakies visualizes that this setup will eventually promote a gamified “super fandom” culture leading to competition and monetization, in a community-driven way.

wowTalkies aspires to become the premier web3 destination for all things film and entertainment. Imagine a Game of Thrones enthusiast seeking comprehensive knowledge about all the Valerian swords within George R. R. Martin’s vast Ice and Fire Universe. Look no further than wowTalkies – a one-stop hub for such in-depth information. Furthermore, even George R. R. Martin himself could find inspiration for a potential 7th novel in the series by engaging with the passionate Ice and Fire community thriving on wowTalkies. 

All this will be powered through a decentralized blockchain that is driven by the community. wowTalkies empowers fans by providing direct access to its products and services, eliminating the need for intermediaries and their associated bureaucracies.

The wowTalkies and Shardeum partnership

wowTalkies is still in its early stages, but they share a kindred spirit with Shardeum. The wowTalkies marketplace and fun utility app will be launched on Shardeum first followed by celebrity authored collections. In fact, the wowTalkies marketplace migration to Shardeum was a super-hit with all the collections getting sold out within less than a week of launching on the Shardeum testnet

Shardeum is an EVM based, super secure and linearly scalable L1 blockchain platform. wowTalkies found that building and developing dapps on Shardeum is a straightforward experience. For a project like theirs, which aims to achieve population-scale impact, the essential elements of linear scaling, low and constant transaction fees, and high fairness are paramount. As the Shardeum user community continues to grow at a rapid pace, exciting collaboration opportunities arise with other promising early-stage projects leveraging the Shardeum ecosystem. These synergistic partnerships hold great potential for mutual advancement and shared success.

Use Cases of wowTalkies on Shardeum

Fan Communities

At the heart of the fan-to-superfan journey lies the fan communities, where fans come together to fraternize and flourish. These communities function as atomic networks and mini-DAOs, where fans are judged and rewarded by the community members themselves removed from bias. It’s a tight-knit community family that encompasses all aspects of the fan experience.

Fan to Superfan Leaderboard

The fans to superfans journey will be gamified with an array of exciting competitions. Leaderboards will track the fan journey. Fans will be incentivized to interact with each other, the platform and the communities.

Collectibles and Content Expression

wowTalkies harnesses the power of community-driven fandom by seamlessly integrating content expression, creation, and an immersive journey from fans to superfans. Their platform enables the rental and lending of collectibles, adding a new dimension to the experience

The wowTalkies Wallet

According to wowTalkies, setting up non-custodial wallets on their platform will be a breeze, offering a user-friendly experience. Additionally, they extend support for third-party wallets on Shardeum. Fans will have the freedom to easily export and import their valuable collectibles, ensuring seamless accessibility and control.

Tech-led Utilities

wowTalkies is working towards unique and innovative technology-driven utilities dapp specifically designed to enhance and interact with collectibles. These utilities include:

o   Immersing yourself in a personalized experience by placing an AR avatar of your beloved celebrity within a backdrop of your choosing, and capture a memorable selfie

o   Step into the spotlight and become the star by seamlessly swapping your face into your favorite movie poster

o   Unleash your creativity with a wide array of cool and iconic filters that allow you to become a superhero, the everyday hero next door, or even a legendary character from a fantasy show. The possibilities are endless!

o   Immerse yourselves in the world of filmmaking and transport yourselves to any desired backdrop, becoming a part of a captivating film set

o   Explore an extensive array of captivating wowTalkies collections and handpick your personal favorite

o   Reward your active participation on the app with points that you can earn for engaging and interacting with its various features

o   Transform your earned points into valuable assets by exchanging them for the NFTs that capture your interest and align with your preferences

 Protocols and SDKs

The wowTalkies platform is built upon three fundamental pillars: 1) the content and expression pillar, 2) the tech-led utilities pillar, and 3) the community-led network pillar. While these pillars are designed to synergize with each other, they can also function independently. As a testament to their versatility, each pillar will be made available as protocols, allowing other projects to leverage and innovate upon their foundation.

Experience the Magic of wowTalkies on Shardeum

The wowTalkies content marketplace, an integral component of the content and expression pillar, has officially launched on the Shardeum testnet as of April 7th, 2023. While the collections are sold-out at press time, stay tuned for the upcoming release of more exciting collections for you to explore, enjoy, and acquire.

As a next step, the wowTalkies tech-led utility app will be integrated on the Shardeum testnet soon. Users can then experience collectibles and tech led utilities working in unison with much more to come!

Product Video Explainer

You can check out their brief product explainer video on YouTube here. Kindly be aware that during the migration to the Shardeum testnet, their contents will serve for demonstration and familiarization purposes. The copyright of such content will remain with the original copyright holder, rather than with wowTalkies.

Join wowTalkies Now

These are exciting times. wowTalkies and Shardeum are looking forward to bringing fan engagement to the Shardeum community and Shardeum users. In the meanwhile, you can join the wowTalkies community on Telegram – and Twitter – as we build a decentralized, transformative fan engagement network together!

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