July — Sep: A Quarter of Launches !!

The past quarter was, summarily put, a quarter of launches. Product development, go-to-market, partnerships, content strategy and marketing dovetailed perfectly for these significant launches, significant cause they exemplarily move the business and product road map forward.]

  • The composite wowTalkies app was launched on the public testnet, in September. This was a culmination of the 3 pillars strategy: a) The Content Pillar b) The AI and AR pillar, and c) The community-led networks pillar. While the first 2 pillars were in active usage, the composite app now brings forth the fan-to-super fan journey with a flywheel of leaderboards, gamification, collectables, content creation and communities.
  • In the very short time since its launch, the response to the wowTalkies app has been nothing short of extraordinary. We have 10000+ transactions, 10+ minutes spent per user, 64000+ points distributed, 2300+ NFTs airdropped, and 4300+ posts done, as very initial traction data. We have 5 fan-suggested eclectic communities on the app, ranging from famous Hollywood properties to nice regional cinema.
    More details on the impressive traction are on the Blog.
  • We announced our strategic partnership with iTAP Entertainment and Gaming, India’s premier digital playground for the youth. This collaboration brings forth cutting-edge AI and AR features that promise to revolutionize the way users experience entertainment and self-expression. Users on the iTap app will leverage the wowTalkies AI and AR SDK for immersive fan experiences. The announcement was followed by the launch of a market-ready prototype in July . More details on the partnership are at https://medium.com/@wowTalkies/introducing-itap-and-wowtalkies-where-imagination-meets-reality-e99ce843df0f
  • The strategy for the organic promotion of the new app was a well-orchestrated campaign strategy. We launched a brand ambassador campaign wherein brand ambassadors provided early feedback and a so-called review of the features. These were followed by campaigns with partners such as Galxe, QuestN, and Wall App, to name a few.
  • AMAs continued to be a constant endeavour for community building, community familiarisation and ecosystem development. Our “AMA with Shardeum founders” series was the cherry on the cake for the 9 AMAs that were conducted during the quarter.
  • We have a conscious multi-chain strategy, the imperative being to build a composite product with the 3 pillars on the parent chain, elicit feedback and an initial product market fit and then progressively build on other chains for the benefit of reach and technology. We announced a partnership with Reef. We already have the content pillar on Shardeum as well
  • We are now working with Reflexical (https://reflexical.com/) . Reflexical’s Fellowship Program helps early-stage projects such as us scale by drawing on Reflexical’s proprietary 6-pillar process, insider access, and global presence

October — December Quarter: A home run ending for the calendar year

The calendar year will close on a high. Significant imperatives achieved, such as the below, will consolidate our home run:

  • The wowTalkies app will have incremental releases, every 15 days. We will address user feedback and add features in each incremental release
  • We will build on the impressive initial traction. We are confident in achieving the metrics that we envisage on repeat usage and engagement, among others
  • We should have a path ready to the Polygon mainnet. The move to the main net will be in conjunction with product market fit and traction on the testnet. All points and credentials earned on the testnet will be translatable, as they are, to the main net
  • We will proudly release the iTap integration, pan India. iTap has users in the millions; the iTap launch will help us prove our AI and AR propositions for studios, at scale
  • We will have more collections on the content marketplace. This helps us buttress the content pillar
  • The wowTalkies app will be white-labelled for community engagement and fan engagement, for a prestigious international film festival
  • We will announce more studio/production house partnerships, discussions on which are in the works. The studios will come on board as content partners
  • Look out for us to launch a “Be the Celebrity” series. Fans will use our face-swap technology and compete on who impersonates the celebrity the best
  • We will continue to listen, very carefully, to feedback and popular suggestions. Do expect to see more fan suggested communities on the app

As we move into the Oct-Dec quarter, we’re excited about the opportunities and challenges ahead. We’re committed to continuing to build and improve our platform, and we’re grateful to our community for their ongoing support and engagement. Here’s to the home run as we close this year
on a high !!