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We are THE fan engagement platform for movie fans. Fans can become super fans on the platform. Fan Communities, Artists and Studios contribute to the fans' endeavor to be a super fan. We are a proud Web 3 project.

Started Building
Late 2020
Downloads & Waitlist
2.8 Lakh+ & 23K+
Funding Status
Angel & VC Funded
Part of the polygon leap
2021 Cohort
For Fans

For Fans

  • Fraternize on all things entertainment
  • Work their way up the superfan leaderboard
  • Consume, Collect, Create and Complete
For Artists

For Artists

  • Engage in communities, aid fan recognition
  • Create Content, market their imagery
  • Reward super fans
For Studios

For Studios

  • Oversee Fan engagement
  • Ensure decentralization and transparency
  • Create content, provide tech-led utilities, nurture atomic networks
For Fan Communities

For Fan Communities

  • Reward fandom with collective wisdom
  • Create and curate engagement
  • Incentivize and reward community participation

Current Features

The fandom platform that makes fans - super fans

NFT Marketplace
Mobile App
AR Filters
AR Avatars
AI Face Swap
Web 3.0 Wallet
Air Drops
Engage to Earn
Fan communities
Background replace
More Coming Soon


The go to market guy
The tech geek
The operations man
The community guy
The R&D guy
The mobile tech guy


MilapSinh Jadeja
Founder- iRoller Capital and Shy Tiger
Ajeet Khurana
Founder- Reflexical, Ex CEO- Zebpay
Satheesh Ananthasubramanian
Founder- Rage.fan
Aravindh Kumar
Co-Founder- Arcana.network
Namrata Singh
Head of Digital, Metaverse & Web3- SETVI

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Jul – Sep 2023
  • Testnet launch of the fan engagement product
  • Secondary sales at wowTalkies NFT marketplace
  • Collectibles from Entertainers
  • Collectibles renting & lending
Oct-Dec 2023
  • Mainnet Launch of the Fan Engagement Platform
  • Utility as a service protocol
  • Fan leaderboards & fan badges
  • Content and Community ambassadors
Jan-Mar 2024
  • Self-Service Marketplace for the Entertainment Industry
  • Multichain support for the fan engagement product
  • Immersive experiences
  • Gamification
Apr-Jun 2024
  • Collectibles from global entertainers
  • Opportunities for Brands
  • Fan engagement for sports & art
  • Social tokens
  • TGE event

In the News


wowTalkies is featured at YourStory
wowTalkies wants to change how fans and celebrities interact using web3, an article at YourStory
wowTalkies launches its NFT marketplace
The wowTalkies marketplace is now in beta on the testnet for early users and early feedback
wowTalkies To Release The First-Ever NFTs By Gujarati Movie ‘Lakiro’
‘Lakiro,’ the much-awaited Gujarati movie, has delighted viewers with its trailer launch, and now there is more great news. The movie is set to become the first Gujarati film to venture into the world of NFTs.
Fan engagement platform wowTalkies to kick off first NFTs from Gujarati movie ‘Lakiro’
The innovative fan engagement platform for movie buffs, WowTalkies, is set to launch the first NFTs of the Gujarati film ‘Lakiro.’ Liveable media experiences are gaining traction in the market,=
Tangentia Venture’s new investment in wowTalkies, the fan engagement platform for movie fans
wowTalkies is the world’s first fan-engagement platform with tech-led utilities on NFTs. It’s the first engage-to-earn platform for a movie fan.
iTAP Entertainment and Gaming Partners with wowTalkies to Unveil Exciting AI-Powered Features
iTAP Entertainment and Gaming, India’s premier digital playground for the youth, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with wowTalkies,
The wowTalkies app is now live on the Playstore
The wowTalkies app modeled on community led networks and incorporating AI,AR, deep tech led utilities, is now live on the Playstore.
wowTalkies in conversation with Ajeet Khurana
Dive into the world of wowTalkies (@talkieswow) with our latest Fireside Chat! 🎥 Discover how they are reshaping fan engagement in the movie industry,
wowTalkies has been selected for Beeloud Accelerator Program
Exciting news! 😍 Your favourite #Web3 fan-enagagement platform, has been selected for the @BeeLoudxyz Accelerator Program! 🌟
Introducing our upcoming NFT collections
🌟 The Mint is LIVE! 🚀 Join now for a cause that matters. 📚 Every NFT minted is a step towards supporting child education.

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The wowTalkies App: Fandom Unleashed- November update

The wowTalkies App: Fandom Unleashed- November update

The app has distributed whopping 100K+ points to dedicated fans who have joined and engaged
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