Are you ready to unlock a world of limitless creativity and immersive experiences like never before? iTap and wowTalkies have joined forces to revolutionize the media and entertainment space!

Here’s what fans get:

👤💫 Step into the Shoes of Anyone: With wowTalkies’s cutting-edge AI and AR technology, you can now become anyone you’ve ever dreamed of! Transform your appearance in real-time with AI-powered face swaps, allowing you to seamlessly become your favorite celebrities, historical figures, or even fictional characters.

🎭🌈 Unleash Your Inner Avatar: Get ready to wow the world with wowTalkies’ powered iTap’s mind-blowing AR avatars. Create your unique virtual persona and unleash your creativity by bringing it to life in the real world! Whether you want to be a charming fairy, a fierce warrior, or an adorable cartoon character, the possibilities are endless!

🤳✨ Customizable Face Filters: Stand out from the crowd with wowTalkies’ powered iTap’s dazzling array of face filters! Express yourself in the most extraordinary ways by adorning your face with augmented reality effects. From glittering cosmic crowns to adorable animal masks, wowTalkies has got you covered to make your selfies truly spectacular!

🚀🏠 Reach New Heights: Brace yourself for a journey to the outer realms of imagination! With iTap and wowTalkies, the sky is no longer the limit; your creativity will hit the roof and soar beyond! Explore new dimensions, tell captivating stories, and share your unique experiences with friends and family.

🌌🎬 Beyond Entertainment: iTap and wowTalkies are not just for fun; they are a canvas for artistic expression. Paint your dreams on the canvas of reality, break boundaries, and redefine entertainment with every tap and talk!

🌟🎉 Be the First to Experience It: Get ready to be blown away by the first-ever convergence of AI and AR in the media and entertainment realm! Prepare for an awe-inspiring adventure where reality meets the extraordinary.

🌐📱 Join the iTap and wowTalkies community today and be part of this groundbreaking revolution in creativity and immersive experiences. Tap into the future and let your imagination run wild! #TapIntoWowTalkies #ImmersiveCreativity #iTapWowLaunch 🚀✨

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About wowTalkies

wowTalkies is a fan engagement platform for movie fans on Web 3.0. Here fans can become SUPER FANS by going deeper with their participation and passion. Communities, studios, and celebrities can also become stakeholders in their fan’s activity zone and help them become super fans. The platform allows fans to engage with different communities and collect customizable collectables on their journey. Celebrities, production houses, and artists can also offer collectables, curate content, and form fan communities to assist their fans and accelerate their journey toward super FANDOM.

We are building for fan engagement on web3 and mobile. We are the only project that provides AR, AI, and deep tech-led utilities on and with collectables. We offer the ultimate movie fan experience with the flywheel of leaderboards, gamification, social, and content creation.

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